building process


"Morgan built according to our specs, and we love our house very much."
-- Homer and Beverly Hardy, Homeowners

Building a home is like conducting a symphony. The director must have an awareness of each individual instrument and the musician using that instrument.

Hatfield Homes invites you to sit back and enjoy the music!

Planning: The first step in building a Hatfield Homes is for the homeowner to direct our planner in creating their own, brand-new home design. Our planner has experience in designing every style of home, so that we can ensure yours will match your taste and vision.

Pre-construction: There are many factors to work with once your home as been designed, such as city ordinances, neighborhood requirements and geographical considerations. Hatfield Homes has the experience and affiliations necessary to ensure that your home will meet these requirements, and still turn out exactly how you envisioned.

Financing: Whether you have your own financing arranged, or are looking for a little direction, Hatfield Homes is prepared to work with you in comfortably securing the funds you need for your home. Our long-standing relationship with many financing institutions provides us with options for you.

Selection of Sub-Contractors: Hatfield Homes has a crew of sub-contractors that have been working with us for years, whom we trust completely for the greatest quality of work at reasonable rates. These relationships enable us to guarantee a level of workmanship far above the industry average. This being said, your interests, tastes, budget and approval are all taken into consideration before any contractor is assigned to the job, to ensure your needs and specifications are met.

Construction: Homeowners are invited to visit the construction sites regularly, meeting with a Hatfield Homes supervisor to discuss any questions you may have or changes you may want to make. We understand that flexibility and adaptation are keys to the custom homebuilding process.

Quality Control: Hatfield Homes has a zero tolerance policy for poor quality, and has supervisors present at every phase of construction and design to support our sub-contractors in their labors. Quality is never sacrificed for the sake of time or money, and we are known to use our expertise to find creative, efficient solutions that enhance quality and satisfaction.

Closing and Settlement: Our office has perfected a system of organizing all information related to the building process so that the final closing of your construction loan is seamless.

Long-Term Customer Service: Hatfield Homes is driven to ensure that our completed homes reflect our passion for beauty and functionality. Homeowners are encouraged to maintain contact with us, providing feedback on their satisfaction with their home. We appreciate the opportunity to continually improve our services and products.